Designing A Workout Program That Makes You Thrive


A lot of people want to workout. Most people don’t know how. Thankfully, psychology can show us the best types of exercise routines for every person. A practical fellow should not always have the same style of workout that the intuitive fellow does. The important thing is that they have a workout to begin with. That is the key. Motivation helps us to improve and become the people that we should be.

Different Exercise Methods

Some people like the hardcore hit the gym for 30 minutes a day after work method. This is a good style for people who have busy schedules and like to focus in a disciplined manner. However, it is often expensive, and it does not always motivate less focused people. Another way to add exercise is to incorporate it into our daily commute. This means that we trade our fancy luxury car for a nice bike or a bus ride with a stroll. One great resource to learn more is The 8 Colors of Fitness by Suzanne Brue. This website has further information on how to develop your exercise routine. Basically, the idea is to find out what you like to do, and then do something that challenges your body by moving outside your comfort zone. Anything that pushes us past our physical comfort zone is healthy. Going too far past it, on the other hand, is unhealthy.

Eat A Good Healthy Diet

Eating a good healthy diet is important for designing your workout routine. If you do not eat enough calories, you will suffer fatigue and disappointment in reaching your goals. If you are not eating nutritional food, your body will not be able to repair properly to meet the new demands being placed on it. Make sure that you think carefully before buying anything new at the store that may not be healthy for you. Good foods to think about adding include broccoli, cabbage, apples, lentils, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal. These are relatively cheap and they give you lots of excellent vitamins and minerals. Something fun to do with oatmeal is to add some delicious fruit juice to it. It makes it taste way better than the store bought stuff for a lower price.

Don’t Worry

Change comes over time. It does not always occur immediately like we wish it would. Expect improvement to be slow at first. The discipline of sticking with your routine will build strength and health into your body. Also, consider exercising with other people who have similar motivations. It hurts to work out alone. You do not have the courage to do so all the time. If it is hard to stop worrying, make a list of your concerns. Consider the pros and cons of them. The future has plenty of things that will happen. What matters is improvement right now. Relaxing frequently can also help improve your mood.

Many people have also considered yoga as another option for an invigorating yet relaxing workout. Buying yourself some new workout clothes might be just the motivation you need to begin exercising. Trying some quality yoga stretches once a day and investing in some yoga pants might give you the extra motivational push you need to begin living healthier and more active.


Confronting the logical fallacies that keep us from moving forward can really help in making our bodies much more effective. Not thinking correctly can be a foundation of many of the mental and physical ills that we tend to suffer from as humans. Have lots of older and wiser people encouraging you through the path of life. They will point out things in your exercise that helped them. If you are a woman, having an advisor who is also a woman can help if you get pregnant and need exercise tips. There are usually people who want to offer advice if you ask them for it.