Detoxing the Mind and the Body – Interview with Seane Corn

The GaiamTV interview series features in-depth conversations with some of the nation’s top yoga instructors and wellness experts. GaiamTV is a lifestyle media website that features thousands of online videos and yoga classes designed “to nourish your mind, body, and soul.” This week, Gaiam TV is offering Intent readers an exclusive 25% off your first 3-months you sign up. Our first interview this week is with Seane Corn about her video, Detox Flow.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Seane. We wanted to start out by asking you about the video you offer on GaiamTV, Detox Flow. Detox is a term that often means different things to different people. Can you start off by telling us how you define the term detox?

Detoxification (in the context of the body’s health and wellness) is an alternative and holistic approach to help rid the body of impurities that accumulate in our cells as a result of a poor diet, environmental stressors and emotional repression. These impurities can fatigue our vital organs making them operate less efficiently which can lead to illness and disease, both physically and psychologically.

Why do you think it’s important for yoga to be part of a detoxification program?

The practice of yoga, which can include deep breathing and rhythmic movements, increases the circulation stimulating the lymphatic system (which is responsible for drawing the toxins out of the over 600 nodes — or waste stations — throughout the body) to flow more effectively. This increase of blood flow into the various organs also helps to recirculate the toxins out of the body through the breath, sweat and organs of

What was your intent in sharing the Detox Flow video?

My intention in creating this program has been to support “optimal health” (which can be defined as experiencing the fullness of life-body, mind and spirit) as well as to create a dialogue about the importance of dietary and global responsibility. This DVD is not intended to be a weight loss program (unless ones weight is impacting “optimal health”), but to design an embodied experience that brings into our awareness consideration of what we are eating, how that food has been produced, the impact the making of that particular food has on our planet and how our daily choices impact not only our own health and wellness, but the health of the earth as well.

Also, I also wanted people to understand that emotions are just as “toxic” as a poor diet. That it is vitally important to understand the connection between the mind and body and the impact our thoughts have on our well being. This program allowed me to introduce emotional themes and provide spiritual context for reconciliation and understanding and show how by moving and breathing, we can release stress, which is the #1 cause of illness today.

We recommend:

Detox Flow Yoga with Seane Corn

Internationally recognized yoga instructor Seane Corn brings her integrated approach to living a healthier, happier life through her detox process. Experience elevated energy, increased circulation, and weight loss—as well as a calmer, more stress-free mind.

Begin with the shorter practice, Twist and Flow, before moving on to the longer one, Purify. And once you’ve mastered the alignment and modifications of Twist and Flow and Purify, practice to the Instruction Only versions, which offer simpler instructions so you can focus on connecting your movement to your breath more deeply.

Note from your editor: I regularly use this video to practice (especially when I’m traveling) and love it. Highly recommended!

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