A diet that’s great for you and all of us!

Check out this hopeful and very helpful article from a San Francisco Bay Area newspaper yesterday, "Low carbon diet a healthy option for Earth"

Reporter Suzanne Bohan writes, "With 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases emitted by livestock raised for meat and dairy products — more than cars, trucks, ships and planes combined, according to a United Nations report — more food purveyors are launching initiatives to lower their ‘food carbon footprint.’" And this is a piece of info I hadn’t come across:

  • By swapping chicken for beef, greenhouse gases generated by the meat’s production drop 70 percent.
    Source: Nathan Pelletier, Dalhousie University, Canada

I’ve been a semi-vegetarian for 15-plus years, and though I’m not evangelical about it and only explain when I’m asked why I make the choices I do, I love that information about this vital benefit of vegetarianism is getting out there more. 

Always hope,


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