Dying to be Me: Interview with Anita Moorjani (Part 1)

I met Anita Moorjani in October when I went to see my great teacher Wayne Dyer in Pasadena, and Anita cracked my heart open. I sobbed for hours after I saw her speak on that stage and heard her story. Not with sadness, but with a clarity, understanding and a yearning for love. I do not want to talk too much about her because I want you to see for yourself who this woman is. She is now, next to Wayne Dyer, one of my greatest teachers and spiritual guides.

To give a little background: In February 2006, Anita Moorjani was admitted to the hospital with Stage 4B cancer. She slipped into a coma, as every organ in her body shut down one by one. Doctors told her family that she would live for only a few more hours. But unbeknownst to everyone around her, Anita was actually in the midst of a remarkable near-death experience. She could see, hear and feel everything around her.

Anita experienced what many of us never have and never will. She crossed over and came back to share what she learned from the experience. Doctors at the hospital had given Anita just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital that morning. But a day later, Anita woke up. Within days, she was cancer-free.

In this interview, Anita shares with us what she learned  from the experience. Anita has a big beautiful heart. In her book, Dying To Be Me, she goes into great detail about what it means to live authentically and fearlessly. Her message is that  it is imperative to love ourselves fiercely.

Anita and Wayne Dyer. My beloved teachers.

Jennifer Pastiloff: What are you most proud to have manifested in your life?

Anita Moorjani: Healing from cancer! By far that is the most important manifestation of my life! But I am also incredibly proud to have written a book! I never thought I could write, so it feels really surreal to realize that I have actually authored a book that is being published by Hay House! What a dream come true!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What is the greatest lesson that you have learned from having a near death experience?

Anita Moorjani: The biggest lesson I learned was how important it was to love myself and be true to myself. That is the most important lesson from my NDE. I had always thought it was selfish to love myself and meet my needs before others, but I learned that if I do not love myself, I will not have enough love to give others because I cannot give others what I myself do not have. The more I love myself and have my own needs met, the easier it is for me to be generous with others.

I used to be a people pleaser, and always put others first, and was often afraid of being myself. I was always trying to be someone I was not, and would always become drained from doing and doing for others. And I always thought it was selfish to pursue my own needs when others were more needy. But I now understand that it’s not selfish at all to have my own needs met first, and in fact, I am here to be myself. And when I am self actualized, it makes me healthier, happier, more generous and less needy. I also understand that if we constantly try to be someone we are not, the planet will be deprived of who we really are!

Jennifer Pastiloff:  What would some of Anita’s “rules” be?

Anita Moorjani:

1. Don’t take life seriously;

2. Eat chocolate;


4. Eat more chocolate;

5. Enjoy life and do what brings you joy;

6. Make your everyday choices based on what makes you FEEL good, rather than what you THINK you should do or what others think you should do;

7. Live your life out of passion and love, rather than out of a fear of failing and displeasing;

8. Start each day listening to “Dancing Queen” and singing along with it;

9. Laugh at yourself every single day! (The more you practice this one, the sooner you will achieve nirvana).

10. Every time you look in the mirror, remind yourself that you are a perfect child of the universe who is here to be true to yourself. Your only purpose is to be yourself. To try to be anyone else would be depriving the universe of who you really are.

11. Don’t worry too much about “getting it right”. When our only purpose is to be our self, we cannot get it wrong!

12. Start each day with a clean slate, leaving behind the emotions of yesterday. Each day is a blank canvas, on to which we can paint anything we desire! So it’s our choice whether we paint our canvas with joy, love and laughter, or with fear, anger, regret, anxiety, and worry.

Jennifer Pastiloff:  Who/what inspires you the most?

Anita Moorjani: The people who inspire me the most are the ones who make the greatest magic on our planet without realizing that they are making magic. The unsung heroes who receive no recognition, fame or monetary rewards for what they do. People like the lady in our community who rescues abandoned and unwanted dogs, and feeds and homes all the dogs that no one else wants; the parents who adopt special needs children who they know no one else will adopt because they are going to give them a challenging life; or the nurses who deal with terminally ill patients with the utmost care and concern, and can still remain cheerful and upbeat for the sake of their patients. There are many such people who have woven themselves into the fabric of our society, yet most of us don’t even notice or recognize them. They have become all but invisible to us, and whenever I come across someone like this, it is both inspiring and humbling.

Jennifer Pastiloff:  I teach many of my classes to the theme of gratitude. If you could say thank you right now to one person who would it be?

Anita Moorjani: This one is easy – it would have to be Dr. Wayne Dyer! You would not be interviewing me right now if it weren’t for him, and I am so grateful to him for believing that everyone needs to hear my message and giving me the opportunity to share my message with the world! He has been such a huge support in getting my book published and out there, and the universe could not have conspired to bring me to the attention of a better or more suitable person than Wayne!

Jennifer Pastiloff: What is one message you would pass on right now to someone looking to manifest their best selves? Especially after seeing you in Pasadena with Dr. Dyer and hearing what you went through, I know that your message is one that is very important for us.

Anita Moorjani: My message is very simple – JUST BE YOURSELF! Always be true to yourself, and you will attract what is truly yours! There is nothing more to it than that, really. The more we try to be someone we are not, the more we are pushing away what we truly deserve.

The only reason we deny our own truth is out of fear – fear that who we are is not deserving, not good enough or inadequate in some way. This fear will push away what we truly deserve. All we need to do is to be our self fearlessly, and we will attract what is truly ours!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview tomorrow!

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    1. I am so happy you feel that way too…… I think Anita is about as inspiring as it gets x Thank you.

  1. This is such a beautiful and important message! I love this, "JUST BE YOURSELF! Always be true to yourself, and you will attract what is truly yours!" Thank you Anita and Jennifer for sharing YOUR magnificent true selves with the world!
    Frank Gjata

  2. What beautiful story… Thank you Jen for introducing her to us. I can totally relate to, "I had always thought it was selfish to love myself and meet my needs before others." I can't wait for part 2.

    1. I can relate to that as well which is why I love sharing this post. Thank you for reading xx

  3. Thank you, Jennifer for sharing this thought provoking story of encouragement and the importance of learning to love ourselves so we can love others and love life. And thank you too to Anita for this, "The people who inspire me the most are the ones who make the greatest magic on our planet without realizing that they are making magic." Just one dude's opinion, but seems to me "those who make magic without realizing they are making magic" are all around us. We can see, hear and feel them. The magic they make is love, and it seems to me it's love that gets us past fear so we are better able to make our magic. namaste

  4. You will attract what is truly yours …how true. Negativity breeds negativity. Once you make the shift, the universe opens up and gives you exactly what you need.
    Beautiful interview Jen. L
    ike attracts like.

  5. This is really really beautiful. It made me cry, because it makes perfect, logical sense, and I wish everyone could realize it. Thank you both.