The easiest and cheapest GREEN-BEAUTY tip of the DAY!

A SMILE is one of the most beautiful things on a persons FACE.

To smile, is  the fastest, safest, FACE-LIFT.
Think of it? It can get done within seconds, nanu-seconds and unless you charge yourself it’s for FREEEEE! It’s a MASTER TOOL at your beck and call.           "S   M   I   L   E" 
You didn’t even have to have a happy thought did ya’. See how, just by SMILING you changed
everything. It immediately spreads out into your entire body. And that beautiful energy travels and you’ve just changed the temperature within you and in the room you are in. Something beautiful just begun!!  
Smiles are like a beautiful fragrance. I’m not suggesting that you ought to smile all the time. I’m sure ‘ the Mona Lisa’ -if she had a way of communicating might say, "This SUCKS, people!" And who can blame the patient dame? But if you are in the middle of something -NOT SO FUN –  FEEL UGLY – IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING AND NOT SEEING YOUR WAY OUT FOR THE MOMENT –  IF YOU FEEL HELPLESS AND HOPELESS – FEEL AS IF YOU ARE BEING BURIED ALIVE, 
take a DEEP BREATH and then  remind yourself  that YOU HAVE YOU and because of that FACT you have the power to change THIS MOMENT. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!! 
One of my favorite things to do with clients in order to calm them down is to ask them to put a 
SMILE into every part of their body!! 

Let’s do it:
Put a smile on your for-head -right at the third-eye spot. 
You can use you finger as a magic wand and gently, like a butterfly landing and take off, tap the places on your body. And just think       "SMILE" 
Tap your ears, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your lips, your chin, the tip of your nose, the back of your neck, your shoulders, your chest, your knees, your lower back, your kidneys, your liver, your lungs, your brain, your prostate, your eyeballs, your teeth, the bottom of your feet, your breasts, your hips, your wrists, your intestines, your gall-bladder, your but ….Everything you just tapped is now SMILING perhaps even laughing? Maybe your gall-bladder just told a joke to your eyeballs… imagine that? 
into LAUGHTER by now then HEAR THAT. Every cell in your BODY IS SMILING, GIGGLING, LAUGHING telling jokes right now!! They are cracking up rolling on the floor laughing. FEEEEEEL that!
You might start to experience other emotions all of the sudden surfacing as well. Tears might come up etc. Please DON’T JUDGE ANY OF IT, don’t SUPPRESS any of it!  This exercise isn’t about doing it right but to do it so you get the best out of it.   
Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to FEEL without any labeling and let it KISS YOU on the WAY OUT, as if you’ve hosted an INNER BALL that has come to an end and now all your GUESTS/EMOTIONS are stepping up to thank you, they shake your hand and kiss you good bye. 
SMILING is exhausting as well, but it only adds natural BEAUTY and not just to your FACE. 
And like with any workout make sure you stretch before and after:)) 
love & laugh             Patricia  


  1. That is great Patricia! Thanks for the read πŸ™‚

    I especially liked when you pondered whether my gall bladder told a joke to my eyeballs πŸ™‚ I smiled and laughed.

    Enjoy the day!! Kelly

  2. Beloved Mallika,

    thank YOU for giving me to opportunity to share

    and be part of the intent family.

    I'm honored and delighted.

    and lovely Simran Sethi also sends her ooey-gooey LOVE!

    glory to you and all that comes with you!

    love&laugh -patricia

  3. Hello Kelly,

    I that is wonderful, that you enjoyed it. I hope both of them

    the gall bladder and the eyeballs came up with good jokes!!

    You made my day!

    Wonderfulness galore to you!

    love&laugh -Patricia