How to Enhance Fertility: 8 Secrets from Mother Nature’s Perspective


Making babies from a place of bliss is every woman’s ideal vision. You finally decide the time is right. You chart your ovulation; you take all the right supplements. But the sobering reality as a fertility coach I see women do all the “right” things and they still go through hell trying to birth their dreams.

I have also seen a common pattern: How these smart women have been approaching their fertility has left them feeling even more drained, disheartened, and empty.

But also look at the world we live in and it is no wonder; stress, toxic relationship patterns, addictions, negative headspace, technology, GMO, plastics, pesticides, oh my.

Could it be that our very environment is making us sick? Could there be a connection as to why our most fundamental abilities being threatened?

What if how we embrace our fertility has the power to change it?

Women everywhere are awakening to a higher perspective on fertility. One Mother Nature herself might teach if she had a book, Facebook page or an online course. I consult with her wisdom often because she has taught me that fertility is really about life – and what wants to be born cannot thrive unless we are. Here are the 8 most common teachings Mother Nature has whispered to me over the years:

  1. You are NOT broken. Self-blame, shame or guilt only further harms you. Resist feeling disempowered, like a victim. Please stop giving your power to what might be wrong and start seeing what is right, what is making you feel nurtured and alive. This will enliven you from the inside out more than you know. 
  2. Stress Smothers Life. The body won’t lie down and make a baby if it thinks it is running from a bear. Negative hormones released in the “fight or flight” response literally smothers positive reproductive hormones activated when your body is in “relaxation response.” Yoga, walking in nature, meditation, saying no to extra activities that will drain you in the end, all can help the body self repair and unleash your baby making hormones. 
  3. Parent Your Inner Child: If you want to be a parent, learn to parent yourself first. This heals the inner child that never quite received what she needed early on, and subconsciously heals deeper “splits” within you. Forgive your own parents as well as unresolved past. Find ways to break the chains of abuse or neglect and heal dysfunctional ancestral patterns. As you do, you mend hidden fibers of your own being. 
  4. Hang Out In Nature. Nature has a natural “resonance” called the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz) that is a natural healing frequency for our bodies. We don’t need science to tell us feeling good is good for us. When we feel good, we heal. When we feel bad we can make ourselves sick. The soul and body need to be in harmony to thrive, and nature is the easiest and most inexpensive way to find harmony again. 
  5. Take Baby Steps to create a nurturing space your baby would love. Start with nurturing YOU. Trust that if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t aligned for you. Clean up your loose ends, places that drain your energy; unfinished business, debt, worry, strife don’t have a place in a fertile environment. Nourish them by slowly moving toward a solution that feels inspiring, true, good, and solid for you. 
  6. Everything is Connected: Life goes where energy flows. Connect the dots that every obstacle is a “kink in your life hose” and an opportunity to bring life into those stuck areas. There is always something to learn from our own resistance. Work with it rather than resist, this “block” is teaching you a better way of living and coping (and eventually parenting) if you are listening what it wants to show you where you are blocking love, or truth. 
  7. Just Breathe. Nowhere to go, nothing to “do”. In fact, do less. Enjoy what is in front of you, this moment. Clear your mind of the past and the future. Bring your mind to the breath which, when taken in deeply and smoothly, automatically helps you land and be in your body. Tell the body it is safe to receive life. Do your part to make a safe and uplifting world for yourself. 
  8. Keep Your Heart Open to Receive. Spark Joy, Find Gratitude. This is you ACTIVELY receiving the best life has for you. Nurture the carefree child in you that wants to be the spontaneous, curious, and adventurer. Lay down your burdens and play. Create. Dance. Be. Imagine. Above all, enjoy your life for she is surely enjoying you!

What makes you feel enough, nurtured and makes your heart sing is good for your fertility. Your life – your environment – greatly matters. Fear has no place in this precious garden. Where there is love, fear cannot exist. Love is light. Where there is light, there is life.

Elisabeth Manning is a global human potential coach teaching smart, successful women how to remove hidden blocks and manifest what wants to be born from their true soul’s alignment and essence. Author of The Sacred Life of Fertility, Elisabeth teaches a new approach to fertility as a spiritual growth path and conscious path to parenthood. (Not unsurprisingly, her research has also discovered it can heal infertility in the process.)