Equinox Musings: Envision

By Sianna Sherman

We sit at the cusp of Spring Equinox where day and night, light and dark pulse in their sacred relationship with each other in the recognition of balance. It signifies a time when the underworld goddess re-emerges to spin the wheel of transformation and rebirth. This quarter-day ushers in radical new growth that is only possible because of the sojourn into darkness where dissolution of the old form makes way for the new.

When a caterpillar moves into the chrysalis stage, metamorphosis begins where the old form dissolves entirely into an unrecognizable nutritious soup so the new form can be born. During this changing of forms, a truly stunning event begins to happen: the emergence of never-before-seen cells called “imaginal cells.” These cells resonate at a different frequency than every other cell and carry different information. True to their name, these cells begin to imagine a completely different form of the caterpillar. At first, these cells are not recognized for their beneficial possibility and are even attacked as an enemy. In the initial confrontation, these little warrior cells of new possibility start growing at an accelerated rate and begin to organize into groups of vision. Some groups imagine wings, another group imagines antennae, another legs, and so on until the entire adult body of a butterfly is envisioned by the collective whole. And then the seemingly impossible thing happens: the birth of a new form that captures the heart of the universe is brought into being.

Equinox is the time of remembrance that whatever we find dissolving in the darkness can actually become food for the birth of the new. At first, we may feel it to be a hostile environment and our fears escalate, but if we keep attuning ourselves with the highest frequency of love, new forms blossom and take flight with great beauty.

The invitation is ours to awaken our own imaginal cells and consider how our dark and shadowy places are food for new possibility to be born. May each of us remember to turn within and pulse inside the immense heart of awareness where beneficial insight lives. Let us remember to respect the dignity of each other’s choices at this time. Let us remember with tremendous gratitude where we have been and the sacred ground of teachings that are rooted and alive inside each one us. May each person rest in the birth of their new form.  May together we discover our wings as a collective whole.

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