Exercise Can Save Your Life and Your Money


You can build an exercise program that will improve your mental health, your physical stamina and your future. All of these benefits can be yours with very little investment but for your time and the desire to take better care of yourself.

Start Small


Moving your body through space is easy and extremely healthful. Adding just sixty minutes of brisk walking per week can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of type-2 diabetes. All you need are some comfy shoes!

Add Variety


If walking is a good start but you need more to stay interested, spend some time with a personal trainer to learn to use the machines at your local gym. If you prefer to work out alone, consider working with an expert to make sure your weight lifting movements are structurally sound. A good trainer will watch you work with light weights until your form is accurate. Then you can really pump iron!

Fight Stress with Exercise


Many people reduce their stress level by thinking through their troubles during a lot, hot shower. You can save on your utility bills and improve your overall health by doing your thinking while walking on a track. Whether you’re indoors or out, walking in circles can be a little hypnotic. While you’re moving, you can be problem-solving. This is a win-win for your brain health, your metabolic health, and your blood pressure.

Go The Distance!


If tracks don’t appeal, consider bicycling. You can see a lot of your neighborhood and get your heart rate up. Consider combining your cycling exercise routine with some errands. You’ll save money on gas and get your heart pumping.

Go Ahead and Sweat


Sweating is a great way to detox and can even lower your blood pressure. If you’re going out for a hard workout, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and take the time to stretch after your workout to reduce soreness. Post-workout supplements and shakes can also aid in keeping your energy stable after your workout.

Work for Balance


There are many forms of exercise that don’t even require shoes. Yoga and tai chi don’t require a large investment in exercise apparel. Many beginning yoga instructors don’t even require you to bring your own mat. These gentle forms of exercise offer practitioners the chance to build strength, flexibility and balance while centering your mind and focusing on your breath. If prayer or meditation are important to your day, yoga and tai chi can be a beautiful addition to your spiritual practice.

Take Control of Your Health!


It’s easy to put your present health and future well-being in the hands of your physician, but it’s not a great long-term idea. Whether your insurance is offered by your employer or if you rely directly on obama care, unnecessary medical treatments can get expensive, so build your strength now!

Today’s exercise plan can help you build a strong core to stabilize your spine, saving you pain and structural issues later. Weight bearing exercises including walking can strengthen your bones to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Yoga can improve your balance now and reduce the risk of falls later. Finally, increasing your heart rate and breaking a good sweat can

With even a basic exercise program you can reduce illness and injury now and increase your independence in the future. For many aging women, continuing exercise during and after menopause can reduce the symptoms of your transition and help you maintain bone density. Be sure to warm up thoroughly and stretch well after every workout.


Putting in the time to build a steady exercise program can get you hooked on moving your body through space. No matter what form of exercise you prefer, getting moving is great for your heart, your bones, your muscles and your attitude.