Of expectations and disappointments..

Of expectations and disappointments
I’m not sure is I should be enraged or hurt? Just when we think we have the support and guidance we need from those (presumably) close to us, they turn around and stab u in the back and leave u thinking how u should react?
In hindsight (which is always 20/20!!), it is of course sheer naivety to expect anything of anyone! In the aftermath of an unfortunate series of events, I am strengthened in my belief that human beings are essentially self serving beings and the instinct to self preserve is always at the forefront.. even with those who “claim” enlightenment!!
As I see it, the basic principle of any human relationship is honesty.. those who are able to preserve that trait in the face of adverse situations are in my mind, the most spiritually divine of the lot.. Unfortunately, there are many imposters masquerading as “spiritual-wannabes” in our midst..  those who have read and memorized reams and reams of spiritual prose and yet, do not understand the basic and true core of any  spiritual theology is to love and live the life of truth… of compassion to others and of conducting yourself in a way that does not hurt and malign other around you!
I suppose my real disappointment is in myself and in my own short comings of not recognizing the truth till it slapped me in the face! This too shall then serve as a lesson in my path to self improvement.. the ability to spot an injustice and then to forgive it are lessons that I am struggling with right now.. I can only ask for servitude and patience in my own prayers and learn to move on …