Featured Intent: Explore New Things


Tired of the same old, same old? We’ve probably all been there but the mind is a difficult thing to change. Circumstances aren’t always within our control and that can feel very disabling. At the core, sometimes our greatest fear is that we aren’t capable of change, but what if this year we started thinking about what newness we could welcome into our lives? What new things excite you and get your wheels turning? What has felt impossible and how can you start to move in that direction? Our intent today is to turn our minds to those questions and commit to explore new things in the new year.

You too? Consider these three places for newness in your life:

  1. A New Habit. Gretchen Rubin is a habits expert. In her book Better Than Before, she explains the process for making and breaking habits, whether it be related to eating/self-control or personal motivation. Our take away was that there isn’t anything you can’t change if you really want to. Does it seem crazy to picture a life where you get up early to go to the gym? Is it far-fetched to imagine a schedule that doesn’t leave you completely exhausted? Gretchen shows us that the starting place is you deciding that you can change those things. So what new habit would you want to start or stop in 2017 if you believed anything was possible? Is it worth even exploring the steps it would take and the structure it would require to move in that direction?
  2. A New City. Travel always feels very expensive and time consuming. That’s because it definitely can be, but it doesn’t have to be and money and time don’t have to be limits on your experiences. What is the closest new city to your home? Is there a new restaurant you’ve never experienced in your town? There is lots of new to explore right where you are! Beyond that, consider options like vacation plans from wholesalers like Sams Club or Costco as well as sites for specific demographics like StudentUniverse that helps students plan and travel for less.
  3. A New Outlook. At the core of everything is how you see yourself. Are you happy with the image? We’re not talking about your weight or your hair style or your outfit. We’re talking about what you think you’re capable of, what you think you deserve, what you think is possible. Do you believe you deserve to be a person living in health? Do you believe you’re a person who could handle the promotion or that someone amazing could love you? If you answered no, the next step is not to beat yourself up. It’s to ask ‘Why?’ Why don’t you think so and does that belief weigh heavy on you? We imagine that if you dug into that question, you would realize heaviness is just the start of how that outlook affects you. So what would it take to change that? We loved this hour-by-hour positivity plan from Deepak Chopra. It starts by being grateful for the little things and allows you to change your outlook in baby steps. Running behind in the morning? Instead, let’s focus on the health we have to get out of bed, to brush our teeth, the fact that we have clothes to wear, that we’re going into a job that brings in income (even if it’s one we want to change PRONTO).