Featured Intent: Healed from the Past


Over and over we’ve found ourselves in the same place. Maybe that place is one of positivity and abundance. We’re surrounded by wise and kind people who lift us up and support us. Perhaps it’s the opposite. We continue to find ourselves in the same mess. We’re repeating patterns that have existed longer than we can remember and the hard part is imagining a life where they aren’t a part of us.

Are some of us just lucky? And does it mean there is no hope if we’re one of the unfortunate folks who pulled the short straw of struggle?

We believe that with focus, intent and genuine desire, a pattern is something that can be overcome if it is destructive. We believe that sometimes, before you can move forward, you have to deal with the past accurately and honestly. This can mean seeking or offering forgiveness. This can mean shining a light on dark corners we had long accepted as forgotten. This can mean voicing feelings and truth we didn’t even know existed.

But we’re ready for a different future so today our intent is to be healed from the past.
You too? Here are 3 things to help:

  • These wise words on what it requires to begin truly healing.
    Where does true healing reside? Is it hiding from you? We doubt it. Instead, maybe it is waiting in a place you hadn’t yet considered, which is why we’re borrowing wisdom from some of our favorite experts.

There is so much division in this world. So what is really the path of healing? It can begin in this moment,
by embracing the life that’s here.
-Tara Brach

A lot of people say they want to get out of pain, and I’m sure that’s true, but they aren’t willing to make healing a high priority. They aren’t willing to look inside to see the source of their pain in order to deal with it.
-Lindsay Wagner

My self healing lies in praying for
those who have harmed me.
-Marianne Williamson



  • This meditation from Deepak Chopra and Oprah focused on healing individually and together as a global community.

    Rest. Breathe. Set an intent for health as an individual and as a member of a larger global community.