Featured Intent: Yes to Your Full Potential


Everyday we see original intents from our community that are encouraging and inspiring. They have hopes for seeing new jobs, new opportunities and new chapters in their stories. This week we are sharing some of our favorites, like this one. It’s one thing to have potential. It’s another to say yes to it. Are you ignoring your potential? Have you recognized that it’s waiting on your doorstep? Maybe potential is intimidating! That’s all normal and understandable, but we want to stop running from what might be waiting. Today we’re saying yes to our full potential!

You too? Here are 3 ways to help:



  • This TED talk from Jenn Fairbank on reaching your potential through meditation.

    Pause. Breathe. Connect. Sometimes potential is waiting for you to slow down long enough to notice it and let it become real. Take a minute to let Jenn guide you through considering the great potential inside of you.