Featured Intent: Hero In My Own World


Who are you waiting on to save you?
Superhero films are a big market and it’s not just because we would all love to be super strong, super fast or super good looking. There is the relieving part of knowing that someone is coming to save us, that we’re not on our own, that someone else will step in. But what happens when they don’t? And do we really need someone else to step in? Sometimes, sure. Sometimes, being a hero is an outside job and that is okay. But we can forget that we also have the power to be our own heroes. Who knows us better than ourselves? Who else knows our distraction tactics, the lies we tell ourselves, our biggest triggers? We can be very dangerous to ourselves, but we can also be the heroes we need, because who else knows what we love, what really motivates us, what makes us light up?

So today we want to lean into that space- the space where we get to be the hero we’ve been looking for.

You too? Here are 3 resources to help:


  • This beautiful reminder of what matters and the permission you have to be amazing.

    “You are the artist of your own life and you choose the masterpiece that you create…” What are you creating? Something amazing or something you don’t recognize? Maybe it’s time that you can make something you’re proud of.


  • This message from Fred Kofman and LeanIn.org on finding your power and responsibility.

    When you don’t recognize your own strength, you wait for others to be the designers of your fate. What might happen when you stopped waiting and got moving?