Feel Better Now: Join the 21 Day Intent & Sports Club LA Yoga Challenge

tara singaporeIntentions are a powerful thing. They exist and direct our lives whether we are consciously making them or moving along without them. When we are clear about our intent day-to-day, weekly, yearly, or even for our whole life, we can anchor in the seat of our intuition and the efforts we put out in our life become clear, direct, and powerful.

I hope you join me in a commitment to 21 days of Intents beginning today.

Whether you intent to feel connected, practice yoga, meditate daily, or see the good in others, watch what happens in your day when you begin with setting an intention.

Intentions are a fantastic tool and exercise in creating clarity and reaching your goals. When I started working with setting daily intentions, thanks to my friend Mallika Chopra, my daily experiences started to have a lot of synchronicities. I met people who supported my intention and the opportunities to act on my intentions began to present themselves clearly.

Feel Better Now

  • Setting intentions is a simple and powerful way to initiate the process of moving toward discovering and living your purpose.
  • Setting daily intentions is a simple way to reflect, go inside, and discover yourself.
  • Setting daily intentions is a direct way to gain comfort and safety in your skin, and revitalize your wonder and excitement for life.
  • Setting daily intentions is the key to enjoying  and participating in the dance of life.

Join me in committing to set 21 days of Intentions starting today. Your intentions can be about practicing yoga, meditation, being more centered, connected, helping others, or helping yourself. Set your intention in the morning so you can follow through with your actions throughout the day.

Today I intend to quiet my mind so I can understand myself.

My plan with this intention is to meditate for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed. During the day I intend to chose to quiet my mind when I notice my thoughts carrying on.

That’s an example. For the first week of the yoga challenge I intend to challenge myself with sun salutations. You can support and adopt my intent on Intent.com, or make one of your own under the yoga category! Every day I’ll be reaffirming my intent and posting videos to help guide and inspire you on your yoga journey.

So now it’s your turn.

Would love to hear your intentions in the comments, so  and also make sure to share on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Use the hashtags #SCLA & #stralastyle and include @tarastiles and @intentdotcom so we can find and support each other!

Lets support each other.




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