Find Peace: 5 Calming Articles from Around the Web

Take a deep breath. It’s the end of the week. You made it! Now is the time to kick back, chill out, take a load off. Find some peace after your busy week, whether it’s through meditation, music, or spending time with loved ones. We hope these articles inspire you. What’s your favorite way to decompress? Share your tips in the comments section below!

Whether relationships are causing you stress or not, here are some wise and soothing words from a self-proclaimed single lady.

Single by Choice: It’s a Real, Powerful Thing (MindBodyGreen)

Here’s your chance to truly surrender control. Because after all…

Life is Messy (Positively Positive)

Meditation is a great tool to use if you’re looking to decompress and reach a state of peace.

I Have No Idea How To Meditate (But I’m Determined To Learn) (Blisstree)

Here are some tips to keep yourself calm. First step – watch for warning signs before you let yourself get too stressed.

7 Steps to Instant Calm (HuffPost)

And you can start chilling now with these peace-loving songs! “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens is #1.

11 Great Peace Songs (Reader Picks) (Care2)