First Day of Therapy… Broadcast for All To See

Entrepreneur and former professional soccer player Natalie Spilger stars alongside Iman Crosson in The Chopra Well’s upcoming spiritual make-over show, 30 DAYS OF INTENT. Curious, driven and warm-hearted, Natalie shares some of her greatest challenges and lessons learned from the journey. It wasn’t always a piece of cake, but as she says, the experience changed her life.

The Chopra Well: 30 Days of Intent is finally launching in just a few weeks! Are you excited for your friends and family to witness your journey? Nervous about anything that’s going to be shown?

Natalie Spilger: Are you kidding?!?! Excited – no. I am nervous beyond belief. My first day of therapy will be shared with the world; it is a pretty crazy emotion and very vulnerable. I feel… brave.  Brave, but nervous. Excited – not really.

CW: When you embarked on the 30 Days adventure, what was your driving motivation and what was your intent?

NS: When I embarked on 30 days, I was beyond excited to have the experience of working with a variety of healers and wellness experts. I knew the journey would improve my life in some way or another, and I knew that many people would probably pay thousands of dollars to have the spiritual and mental work that I was going to experience. My intent was really to enjoy myself and to learn as much as I could about what brought me more peace and closer to my truest self.

Caveat – I had no clue who we would be meeting with, nor did I have any clue that it was just going to be myself and Iman (I thought there were going to be more like 8 of us).

CW: What was the greatest lesson you took away from the experience? Would you do it again?

NS: This is a great question. The greatest lesson I took from the experience was actually to know and be true to yourself. I failed to imagine that anything we would do would make me uncomfortable – and I least expected it from the Equine Therapy. But as the session went on, I felt very uncomfortable and slightly violated by the therapist who was really digging in. [See what Natalie’s talking about in episode 4.]  I wish I had said, “You know, this just is not working for me, and I am not comfortable with this. I’d like to stop” Instead I felt the pressure to “be good” for the show and not make anyone feel bad.

I believe if you are going on a spiritual and wellness journey, you should check in with yourself before everything you do and remind yourself that if at any time it does not feel comfortable for you, you always have the right to say so. Whether or not I would do this again is tricky. Perhaps if I had the knowingness to say no to things that I would not like, perhaps if I … all those “If I’s”. My heart is saying “No”. No, I do not think I would do it again if it were filmed and broadcast. I am an open person, but private too – and this was a lot to put out there. A lot of me to put out there. But, you never know.

CW: Have you been able to incorporate any of the lessons and techniques into your daily life? Which would you recommend most to a friend?

NS: Heck yeah, I’ve taken a lot of the material, learnings and practices back with me. The most revealing one is that all that I want is within me. I’ve definitely dug deeper into all of the past lives books, and I’ve hosted One Taste [orgasmic meditation] observations for my friends.  More than anything, I feel that I’ve had a significant transformation in my life. I’ve gone from leading a life driven by achievement to leading a life driven by fulfillment. It is hard to say what would work for a friend because the treatments and experiences are all so personal. I would say everyone should have a past life reading. Whether you believe it or not, it is certainly entertaining and a great way to spend an hour. I am super into it right now. 🙂

CW: Thank you much for sharing this candid journey with us! What are you up to these days? What’s on your horizon?

NS: Ohh – what am I up do? I mentioned earlier that I feel driven by fulfillment, not achievement, these days. I’d say … I’m up to following my heart and making all of the difficult transitions that come with that. Sometimes I think, “Really? Really heart? You want me to do that?” But I trust, and be, and try my best to stay out of my own way. 🙂

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