First Part of the Day in the Life of a (Newly) Spiritual Person.

After reading almost every book on self-help literature for more than two years, I decided that its time to stop reading and start practicing. This is how its turning out.

I wake up in the morning but before leaving the bed, my works starts. Very careful not to let the random thoughts come to my mind, I focus on my forehead, cheeks, lips, neck and go down from there till my feet, imagining a wave of energy going through my body and finally turning it into a full energy circle. My day has started well! (Eckhart Tolle gave this suggestion)

Time to leave the bed now. I feel my feet touching the floor. I take every stop towards the washroom telling myself, "This is all there is…you are only this moment, there is no past, there is no future". In the washroom, I start brushing my teeth, feeling every caress of my toothbrush, not ignoring the wonderful smell. Wonderful smell reminds me of my ex, "my girlfriend told me once that the gap in my teeth is increasing, how could I let her do this to me", STOP!!! What am I thinking! Mental note to myself, "having a thought about my ex". (Suggestion by Byron Katie to identify random thoughts to make them go away). I bring my attention back to my breathing. It works! 

I come out of the washroom and go directly to my laptop. Halfway through checking my facebook when I realize that its time for my morning meditation. So I put on a 10 minute alarm and sit on the couch. Paying attention to my breathing, I think of the things that I want to manifest, admiring my mind for being so focused. Thinking about the new car I want to manifest. The new car, "if the security guard misbehaves me at the office, I will tell the authorities and shout at him", STOP!!! Its 9:10 AM and already I have thought about my ex and the security guard!! Bringing back my mind to the meditation I enjoy the rest of it. As soon as the meditation ends, my creativity is high and I am breathing better. I love it.

My office work starts. I am virtual. I am in bliss, just made a wonderful report, I start thinking about how everyone will like the report and think highly of me (Law of Attraction!) . In 10 minutes, I receive a mail from a colleague telling me 10 things that can be improved in the report. I get angry! Well, I say, the things that he has pointed out are not even important. I prepare a clever reply telling him to do the things himself, the mail will be appropriate because I would be right too. I am about to send the mail when Wayne Dyer comes in front of my eyes and says, "You say you loved ‘Your Sacred Self’, and you are letting your ego run your life? I wrote whole chapters about the ego!". I reluctantly remove the email (save it in draft) and start looking at the suggestions pointed out by the person. Well, he is right about everything. It will make me improve the sheet. I work on it and in the process learn some new techniques and realize that these techniques can be used in making my work more efficient. I reply back thanking the person and showing him the improved sheet. He admires my skills and I thank him again. HA!!! In your face!! EGO- 0  Spirit – 1 !!

Going out for lunch. Have to feel every bite in my mouth and chew it slowly to be in the moment!


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  1. Thanks Sharmishtha. πŸ™‚ Just got to know a news. I have been meditating on it for 5 days only and God has manifested it in my life so I am very peaceful at the moment :).



  2. thank you for posting this blog, it is fascinating to watch someone elses attempts at living a spiritual life on a moment by moment basis. thank you.

  3. Tamasin,

    Thankyou. πŸ™‚

    It really is a 24 hour thing and I face situations where I always have to decide whats more spiritual. I have the 2nd part of the day ready too. I thought posting all of it would be too long, will post it soon. πŸ™‚

    Peace and happiness for you.