5 Ways to Honor Yourself for Valentines Day

urlValentines Day in the USA is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic attachments. But for some people it is happier to find alternative ways to celebrate the day of hearts and flowers. Here are just a few ideas to honor the feeling of love in your life without making the day a romantic occasion.

Love the Little Ones

Make Valentines Day an occasion to have little Valentines.  Take your children out to dinner and everybody gets dessert (including you).  Bring gifts to your nieces, nephews or the neighborhood children.  Beloved dogs would like a special one-on-one with you every day, clearly, and so find some time to create that. Take your little guy to the best dog park or spend some extra time grooming and cuddling. I believe excessive treats are required in this last case too.

Feel Your Own Heart Beat

One very self-loving practice is to move:  exercise, dance, walk, run, bike, play. Working within your own limits, see if you can create the sensation of feeling your own heart pumping by some fun activity.  Experience your heart creating your body’s rhythm and bask in every beat the unique signature of you.

Expand Awareness of What You Love

Expand your awareness of wonderful people and experiences that surround you now. Make a poster of everything and everyone you love by drawing hearts around pictures and words that symbolize the things you love. Physically surround yourself with things you care for; if you love music, immerse yourself today especially well. Spread t
he love and make a donation to the beneficial charities, such as causes that support children and animals.

Love Nature

Some people feel peace and contentment when communing with nature. Walk, hike, or ski (a happy possibility for Utahns) on Valentines Day and allow yourself to feel connected with the larger natural world, which is what receiving flowers symbolizes. Focus on the life around you and come home feeling more alive.

Fall in Love with Yourself

Write a love letter to yourself. Write down 25 things you love about yourself. They can be small or great things; it doesn’t matter as long as you come up with 25.   Add some kind, heartfelt words to the list. You will feel great after doing this. More importantly, the more you love yourself unconditionally, the more available you are to receive love — and the more unconditional love you will find in yourself to give to others.

And, the good news is that even those of us with current romances can do all of the above too and  so reap the same benefits of Valentines Day.

Originally published in 2010