Five Perfect Persimmon Recipes for Holiday Gatherings

The persimmon is a sweet, tangy fruit whose name is derived from the Greek word Diospyros which means “fruit of the gods.” Persimmons are a wonderful, out-of-the-ordinary treat.  Just be sure to eat them when soft and ripe, as an under-ripe persimmon will be the most sour thing you have ever tasted! However, your patience will be rewarded and you can delight your friends and family with these exotic recipes.

Persimmon Cheesecake.  Mmmmm…cheesecake! Give this classic favorite a new twist with the addition of tangy persimmon.  “This light and delicious cheesecake is made with fresh persimmons and a walnut crust,” says a contributor to

Curried Persimmon Soup.  Persimmons, ginger, onion, and chicken broth simmer to olfactory perfection in this lovely soup, perfect on a chilly day with good, adventuresome friends!

Pomegranate Persimmon Salad with Warm Goat Cheese.  A beautiful array of bright greens and a rainbow of fruit colors give this lovely salad its visual appeal, but you will be in heaven when you taste the pairings of the creamy, warm goat cheese with the sweet and tangy pomegranate and persimmon fruits. 

Persimmon Cookies.  A delicious frosting of persimmon puree and orange peel give these zesty, slightly spicy cookies their remarkable flavor. Pair them with hot chai tea for a moment of instant delight and relaxation.

Persimmon Bread.  A favorite gift and potluck item is banana bread, but surprise your friends with this tasty switch.  Nutmeg, cinnamon, dates, nuts, and persimmon puree combine to make a beautiful bread that is sure to be savored.