Five Tips to Banish Negative Energy Out of Your Life

Getting negative thoughts and negative self-impressions out of your mind is critical in seeing yourself free from any type of addictions. This is not a new concept, most types of recovery or sobriety programs talk about this somewhere along their recovery program. However, in my book “The Law of Sobriety” I stress how much this pushing out the negatives and brining in positive thoughts and energy has to be not only the starting point of your recovery but something that is continuous along the path of your recovery as well as in your life beyond. Everyone needs to be open to the positive around them and the only way that you can do that is to not hold negative thoughts that block your options to see possibilities and blessing in your life.

Banishing negative thoughts isn’t about being in denial about reality or pretending that obstacles don’t exist in life. Instead it is looking at each of life events as a learning experience and a way to become better while also learning about yourself and your ability to deal with the world without the need for drugs, alcohol or other methods of escape.

Five tips that I provide to help get the negative thoughts out of your life include:

1. Know your short and long term goals because if you don’t know where you are going you can’t make decisions about how to move through life to get you where you want to go.

2. Surround yourself with positive people and get rid of those that are negative and doubt your ability to change, recover and be successful.

3. Express your appreciation for others when you get the chance.

4. See yourself as sober and successful and stay in that positive mindset.

5. Look at all life experiences as learning opportunities, not as a crisis or a slip and take encouragement from the progress you make.

PHOTO (cc): Flickr / GraceOda