Flow With the Wealth of Right Now

How easy do you find it to live “in the moment”? You might have attachments to the past and habitual ways of doing things. You may be preoccupied with plans for the future, which fill your mind. Is it even feasible to enjoy the present moment?

Take in a deep breath. Watch the air enter your body, and leave it again. Essentially, that is all you need to do to sustain your life. Breathe.  And even that you do not have to “do” anything about.  It tends to take care of itself. Or you would be in trouble when you sleep at night.

So what does breathing have to do with wealth? Gratitude. To be grateful for the gift of your life and the opportunities it is bringing to you.

Take in another deep breath. Bring to mind one thing that you appreciate in your life, right now. What is it? Breathe deeply once again and feel the fullness of it, now.

Bring to mind now 3 more things you are grateful to have or to have experienced in your life. Expand those with your breathing and feel the fullness they give to you.

With the fullness, as you really take it in, will come a deepening peace. The peace within you will serve to bring more good to you; to enable you to give more good into your world; to experience more that you can appreciate. You will become a gift to your world and you will find that your world will give back to you.  You are not alone.

You can choose to be on a spiral of increasing upllftment and Grace, where good comes to you, sometimes in the least expected moments. You live in a generous and friendly world which loves to give.

A correspondent recently sent me this quote under the heading: The Trajectory of Awakening:

“The trajectory of our spiritual lives and of all spiritual awakening is toward surrender. Ultimately, that is the name of the spiritual game. Everything we do spiritually is leading us to a spontaneous state of surrender … it may take effort to get to the point of letting go into grace, but ultimately the whole of spirituality boils down to letting go of the illusion of the separate self, letting go of the way we think the world is and the way we think it should be.” – Adyashanti

Rather like breathing in and breathing out, there are times when you are actively engaged and there are times when you let go and surrender, to be refreshed once again. You can become sensitive to when you need to act, and when you need to hold.  Each has its value.

Awakening to your intuitive knowing about when to act, when to hold and what to do, will be a great gift you can give to yourself for living healthily, happily and successfully in the word.  Your intuitive knowing works best in the moment. Intuition is one of the precious riches of living in the present.  It will enable you to flow with the wealth of right now.