Freedom of Speech: 5 Links to Balance Your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, Vishuddhi, sits at the level of the throat and neck area. This vortex of energy can affect our self-expression, creativity, and hearing. Speaking freely, honestly, and from our hearts are signs of a balanced throat chakra.

Our voice is our way to speak to the world, share our feelings, and express ourselves. Sometimes this area of self-expression gets blocked from fear or life experiences. Reconnecting with our inner power can help us to find our voice.

Find Your Voice (Elephant Journal)

It’s a delicate balance between being outspoken and being silent. Speaking out for causes or those who need a voice can be challenging but necessary.

Speaking Out is Complicated (And So is Staying Silent) (Huffington Post)

Ever had a lump in your throat? What is it you’re wanting to say but holding back?

7 Ways to Balance Your Throat Chakra (MindBodyGreen)

Singing, acting, and chanting are great ways to free up self-expression and bring balance to this chakra.

 Your Throat Chakra: What Does It Need? (Care2)

“No doesn’t mean Never.” Don’t let intimidation or setbacks stop you from speaking your truth.

How to Find Your Voice & Face Your Fears (Yahoo Shine)

photo by: dullhunk