From Getting Lost

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If you could get lost somewhere, where would it be?
A quiet beach?
A misty mountain?
A wild concert?

“I don’t want to be lost anywhere! That is why I have my phone to begin with!”

Humanity existed for plenty of time pre-cell phone and since it’s become more normal in Western society to have one, it’s gone from being just for emergencies to being our everything. Our connection to the world, our distraction, our defense mechanism, our Friday night date, our camera, our video camera, our everything.

What if we dedicated 5 minutes to getting lost? Not hopelessly lost. Not scary lost. Just the kind of lost that makes us have to pick our eyes up from the ground and notice. Where am I? Where am I going? What is around me? What if we made eye contact with the people walking past me?

So take a minute. Put your phone down, or your iPad, eReader, GPS, laptop, Applewatch…
And look around. Take the risk to be lost for 5 intentional minutes in your life and see what happens.

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