Fulfilling Desires

When you make contact with the universe and you want something how long does it take to get what you are asking for?
What you want to do is have your desire from that state of consciousness that is one with the universe. This is the silent state of awareness reached through meditation. At that deepest level of nature, your intention and the intention of creation through you at that moment are one and the same. That state of awareness itself timeless and completely fulfilling, so it’s not a question of when you will get what you want-in that state, you are already the source, the process, and the outcome of what you want. The external manifestation of your desire is almost incidental, because you are already satisfied within and your happiness is no longer tied to your desire. That is why the spiritual approach to manifesting your desires is liberating in contrast to the approach that only emphasizes the external outcome that keeps you trapped in the cycle of trying to fulfill more and more desires in the search for happiness.


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