Get Your Antioxidants by Drinking Rooibos Tea

Kim Duess Rooibos Tea has the highest plant antioxidants in the world!  Antioxidants help slow the aging process and boost the immune system. A great way to start off your day is to brew a pot of Rooibos tea and let it brew all day.  It will just keep getting stronger in antioxidants as it steeps.

Nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems may also be helped by drinking Rooibos.

If caffeine is a concern, no worries with this tea!  It is caffeine free and contains almost no oxalic acid, making it a good drink for people with kidney stones.  Most teas interfere with iron absorpotion, but rooibos does not.

According to Dr. Russel Blaylock (The Blaylock Wellness Report),  drinking at least 2 cups of strong rooibos tea a day would go a long way in not only protecting our liver, but many other parts of our body including our brain.  He says other recent studies have shown that it protects against radiation injury to cells and tissues, prevents mutations that can lead to cancer, enhances liver detox and prevents aging damage to the brain.

Packed with nutritional punch AND is yummy! :)   Great way to start the day!

To your health,

Kim Duess

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