Go on a Spiritual Journey this Fall with Deepak Chopra and Friends

The Chopra Well, is proud to announce the launch of three new shows this Fall! 30 DAYS OF INTENT, URBAN YOGIS, and THE RABBIT HOLE are unprecedented shows targeted to engage the critical mass on a journey of exploration, transformation, wellness, and growth. Our unique position as a YouTube channel allows us to harness the communicative power of technology to share uplifting, inspiring stories – entirely free of cost, as they should be!

Deepak’s thoughts on technology and social media…

Social Media is a powerful tool that connects people from around the world, and gives them practical ways to improve their lives. Technology allows us to build a critical mass of people dedicated to personal transformation for global transformation.

The channel draws on Deepak, Gotham and Mallika’s collective experiences, inter-generational wisdom and life journeys to help fulfill their mission to inspire 100 million people to change the world, one personal transformation at a time. We offer shows on how to meditate, become happier, do yoga, come to terms with death and loss, become more spiritual, increase personal awareness, realize ones full potential, and integrate mind, body, and spirit for overall health.

Here’s a bit more on our new shows:

30 DAYS OF INTENT is a reality series that takes viewers on a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Two brave participants — YouTube star Iman Crosson (“Alphacat”) and former professional soccer player Natalie Spilger — plunge from their comfort zones in order to work on powerful intentions to change their lives. Led by Deepak Chopra, Mallika Chopra, and a team of experts, Iman and Natalie endure experiences and gain tools that range from spiritual psychology, healing horse therapy, yoga, underwater massage, orgasmic meditation, and reflections on death and dying.
Guest stars include (to name a few):

URBAN YOGIS is a unique documentary series on the transformative power of yoga and meditation. Beautifully shot, inspiring, and heartfelt – the series delves into the lives of cancer survivors, inner-city youth dealing with violence in their communities, recovering addicts, artists, youth in detention facilities, and more. Comedian Russell Brand, Grammy-nominated musician Moby, “yogi” businessman Russell Simmons, and author/doctor Deepak Chopra also share their stories and insights. Renowned yoga teacher Eddie Stern serves as host and guide to the stories of these urban yogis. Extended versions of interviews with celebrities will be released along with the other episodes.

THE RABBIT HOLE features fast-paced and mind-blowing explorations of BIG questions – What is death? Who is God? Is life an illusion? Are we alone in the universe? Using visually stunning graphics and music, viewers fall down the rabbit hole as Deepak Chopra provides his unique and intriguing take on some of humanity’s eternal questions.

In addition, new content on The Chopra Well features exclusive videos with Deepak Chopra about his new book, GOD, as well as sneak peaks into Gotham Chopra’s documentary, Decoding Deepak, which officially launches in theaters and On Demand on October 5th.

So there’s a lot going on! We are so excited to share these stories and shows with you over the next few months. Visit the channel to check out all our latest videos.

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