God of No Religion

It all started with the message in my Facebook inbox. On a sunny Saturday noon in Los Angeles, I was going through all the messages & came across this interesting question on finding God without religion. I realized that it would be unfair to keep the answer within just the IP addresses of two inboxes. Hence, I decided to share my answer with all of you here!

Question: Hi Chandresh! Is it possible to know God without religions? My parent has two different religions. I believe by practicing through meditation can find the truth rather than practicing any religions. Please advice.

My response: It’s possible to know God ONLY without a religion. I would recommend joining the path of religion only after you know God. Religion is a Constitution in the world of spirituality. It was created as a road-map to find God but like all other things in our world, man has also interfered hugely in religion and modified it. Today religion serves as a good division of beliefs but it doesn’t get you anywhere closer to the truth.

The key to finding God is in our own consciousness. Just like good health is simply the absence of the disease, God is simply the absence of all dogmas & conditions given by the society. Meditate and you shall experience your own truth. Don’t rely on anyone else’s experience! The religion that you will embrace after your enlightenment will be pure unconditional love. It will teach you to walk without feet. It will take you beyond the rules of right and wrong. The real religion will happen in awareness, and only intense meditation will take you there!


  1. great answer. It is a question I have asked and answered throughout my growing into consciousness.

  2. I suppose this should be self-evident. I cringe when some apologists of certain religions propose their religions as the only path to finding God. I am not an agnostic/antitheist, but I don't believe you have to be religious in order to find and be with God. God doesn't take sides. In fact, the instant a person is independent on a religion in order to realize God; the sooner such a person will discover peace, love, equality, joy ,and abundance- all the attributes of the all-loving God.