‘God particle’ discovered?

Whoever said science and spirituality are incompatible? Physicists in the US may have discovered evidence for the Higgs boson, the alleged ‘God particle’ which gives objects mass. The news comes from Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Illinois, and, if confirmed, would rank among the last century’s top breakthroughs in science. Ten years’ research and data-collection is about to pay off, and it’s bound to revolutionize the scientific world. But what does this mean for consciousness? What does this mean for us?

As reported on Al Jazeera this morning: “The Higgs boson is special,” Fermilab theoretical physicist Joe Lykken told reporters, adding that the tough-to-find elementary particle “gets at why the universe is here in the first place.”

This is the mother of all philosophical questions – how the universe came to be the universe. All questions of identity, purpose, time and space fall within with this reigning query. Evidence of a ‘God particle’ would dramatically change my life and the way I look at the world. And, naturally, one answered question evolves into fifty new ones. The more we discover, the broader our consciousness, the greater our thirst for knowledge.

But don’t worry, your mind won’t be blown today, and probably not tomorrow either. Research of this sort is slow-going. It’s “worse than a needle in a haystack,” as Lykken said. So for now, stay tuned and enjoy the darkness before dawn.

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photo by: Hamed Saber