The Golden Globe Nominees!

The Golden Globe nominees have been announced!  Any surprises?  Yes.  Where was "Australia?"  I think Australia deserves some accolades.  And I was also surprised that "Gran Torino" didn’t get more nominations.  Clint Eastwood is brilliant in this new film, as both director and actor.  His original song and score did get recognition, though.  And no surprise that Heath Ledger for nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Batman.  The surprise is that this is the only nomination that the movie got.  See the entire list of nominees online:


  1. Australia was 2 hours 20 minutes, but the time flew by for me. Benjamin Button was 2 hours 45 minutes, and very slow. Good movie, but be prepared for the slow pace. Loved Mama Mia, and I am happy it is nominated in the Musical/ Comedy category. Very fun movie – and now they have karaoke versions of it in theatres, too, so you can sing along! 🙂