Grandmother Set to Be Oldest Cowboys Cheerleader Ever

Sharon Simmons dreams of being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The 56-year-old grandmother will be the oldest woman ever to try out for the position, dancing and twirling amongst hundreds of hopefuls half her age this Saturday at Valley Ranch. According to, ever since she made her aspirations public, Simmons has been has become a quite the celebrity.

“Holy cow, in less than 24 hours after that story broke, it was everywhere!” Simmons said to t. “No, I was not prepared for that.”

The accomplished author and fitness expert attends weekly classes with a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and is supplementing the daily practice with private lessons as well. She said she is used to the daily discipline required for a competition, but that the dancing aspect demands a whole different skill set.

“It’s nothing like fitness, nothing at all. With this, the choreography is so fast,” Simmons explained. “I have improved, certainly, over what I used to be. But my goal to get into the splits. I’m closer. I’m still not there.”

Check out the video of Simmons getting her groove on with CBS 11 DFW here.

We’ll be rooting for Shannon tomorrow. You go girl!