Gratitude + The Law Of Attraction = Positive Energy

The Law of Attraction is very clear in intent and meaning. The things that we value and that we aspire to in our world can come to us in ways that we never imagined if we use the energy in thought and prayer to state our wishes. In other words, by thinking something we can achieve it or bring it into our world in physical form just by the energy and power of our thoughts.

If you think this sounds a bit ambitious, just think about any type of change you want to make in your life. If you start out thinking you can’t do something it will never happen. If you think you aren’t worthy of earning this change then it just never comes about. It is a self-fulfilling negative prophecy. On the other hand if you believe you deserve the change, see yourself successful in the change and look for ways to make the change happen it does. It becomes a positive, energetic and motivating event.

However, it doesn’t all stop there. When you have achieved even a small step on your journey to your goal you have to show gratitude. This is a way of giving thanks to the spiritual or universal power that has provided for you. That positive, thankful energy that you are sending out in giving thanks and stating your gratitude is reflected back, just as the positive energy in your goal thoughts created the opportunity to achieve those goals.

You need to continue to show gratitude and give thanks for the positive events, people and occurrences in your life. This is really a key to being successful on any level. Consider the following three examples as proof positive that giving thanks using the Law of Attraction continues to bring positive energy and change into the world:

Lottery Winners vs. Millionaires

Have you ever noticed that people that win it big in the lottery tend to end up broke in a few years? This is because they don’t give back and don’t give thanks for what they have been given. On the other hand millionaires that give away large amounts of their fortunes to charities, foundations and non-profits tend to get richer and more philanthropic over time.

Self-Made People vs. Born Into Privilege

People that have had to plan, think and organize their way through life have learned to give thanks for what is provided to help them to reach their goals. They understand they did not do this alone and that without help they would not be where they are today. Those that simply were born into privilege aren’t grateful and have unrealistic expectations that prevent them from being flexible, seizing opportunities and changing to meet the world around them.

Being Grateful vs. Entitled

Often people that are very poor are exceedingly grateful for small positives that come into their life. In turn when they show gratitude more opportunities occur. When people expect something in return for nothing they often only get just the minimum but never anything more.

Including gratitude for all things in your life, both big and small, provides the Universe with the positive energy of our thoughts. In turn this positive energy is reflected back to us, giving us even more opportunity to show our gratitude and continue this cycle of positive energy.