5 Impressive DIY Mother’s Day Gifts in An Hour or Less!


Moms make the world go round. Dads, mentors, teachers, and grandparents are pretty important, too, but for this weekend let’s hear it for moms! Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and they all find their own paths to motherhood. But all you moms out there, you know who you are. We know who you are, too. And thank you.

For the special mom or moms in your life, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a homemade gift. Save the store-bought candles and Apple products (or whatever your mama is into) for another occasion. It takes a bit more time and planning to make your own gift, but here are 5 DIY presents you can do in an hour or less! All of the projects include ginger, an ingredient which you may have noticed we are absolutely obsessed with of late.

1. Ginger Body Scrub (Beautiful With Brains)

The special mama in your life will love the all-natural feel, scent, and exfoliating power of this homemade body scrub. So many beauty products these days are packed with parabens and other chemicals, and it can be hard to feel luxurious and toxin-free at the same time. Make your own skin products and voilà! Problem solved! Present the scrub to Mom in an elegant glass jar, and she’ll feel utterly pampered.

2. Rhubarb Ginger Jam (Witchin’ in the Kitchen)

A tangy, zesty, and impeccably classy jar of jam for spreading on toast, mixing in oatmeal, and eating by the spoonful. Try using ginger powder instead of the root for the same spicing effect, minus the labor of peeling and mincing. And you can cut the ingredient measurements way down to make a single jar serving. Feel free to skip the water bath step if you and mama will enjoy within a couple weeks.

3. Ginger Scalp Treatment (Wakaya Perfection)

Ginger is believed to help stimulate circulation, which can lead to hair growth. Mix the ingredients up for this recipe and present it to Mom in a chic jar or bottle. Try making a custom label, too! It’ll look like something you got from the salon, but will be made with all natural ingredients, zero chemicals, and by the loving hands of YOU!

4. Ginger Cashew Granola (Alaska From Scratch)

Yum. And healthy! Ginger, quinoa, cashews, coconut oil… ‘Nuff said. Bake up a big batch of this and gift it to mama in a jar, clear cellophane bag with ribbon, or straight in the bowl with yogurt or milk for a delicious Mother’s Day breakfast. You’re bound to make more than one gift’s worth, so bag up the rest of it for all the moms in the neighborhood! (Or sneak the rest home with you.)

5. Mint-Ginger Lemonade (Wakaya Perfection)

If it’s starting to get warm where you are (or even if it isn’t!) nothing says summer like a big glass of lemonade. Double, triple, or quadruple this recipe, and pour it in a big, elegant carafe so Mom can enjoy its freshness all week. If your mama is adventurous, she can even pour in a touch of vodka for the perfect lemon drop martini!

 * * *

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Wakaya Perfection makes a great gift for Mom whether she enjoys a Zingarita, a hot cup of tea or a soothing ginger bath! Check out http://wakayaperfection.com for recipes and homemade gift ideas featuring Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger. Use the promo code HAPPYMOM and receive 15% off your next purchase!

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