Hope vs Belief vs Knowing


Hope vs Belief vs Knowing

For thousands of years humanity has held on to the idea of Hope with a stronghold so intense it has now become the universal icon for manifesting our dreams and desires. But without moving forward and transcending our hopes into higher states of awareness we can eventually become lost to a perpetual state of doubt or wishing and never realize our full potential.

Hope, Belief, and Knowing, are three very distinctive states of awareness that each hold their own level of vibration. Let’s look at each of these from a vibrational energy standpoint;

1. Hope is the universal savior – it is the life-ring you hold on to while you’re waiting to be saved. It allows you to find the necessary strength to carry on while you search for options. Without hope you would quickly sink into despair. But hope retains an element of doubt making it a lower vibration than belief or knowing.

2. Belief is a firmly held opinion that transforms you way beyond the doubts of hope and produces a much higher vibration. But opinions are not certainties or truths as they are limited by the beliefs supporting them. Believing in something does not necessarily make it true. And once you create a fixed belief about anything, you box yourself in and immediately set limitations on it.
3. Knowing is the highest vibration of the three – it is the ‘absolute’ derived from a state of fully aware consciousness. Knowing is source because knowing holds the power of love, and source is love as it is always in a perpetual state of knowing. Knowing allows you to simply KNOW without doubt, fear, or limitation, that all is possible and all will be as it should. Knowing is unlimited and infinite.

So from a vibrational point of view… to be in a state of knowing is the highest vibration. Hope has it’s purpose, but with all that is now available to us in the higher realms of the New Earth, HOPE is basically ‘Old School’, and BELIEF is commitment without full awareness, but KNOWING is where it’s at! Knowing is your direct alignment to source, and is the quickest way to manifest all your desires.

Let us leave our hopes behind us and step into the awareness of ‘KNOWING’ that we are powerful beings that can create anything.

Peace – Love – Light



  1. Definitely can relate to this for I've come to see so clearly how fragile (and dualitstic) the first two really are. Hope is essentially just a belief too.

    And on the essential perceptual level, this has brought me to see how all beliefs are in essence just projections, be they positive or negative, spiritual or mundane.

    Knowing isn't taking on a belief or even insight, however "sacred" it has been called or how long ago it was first translated into words (i.e. Scriptures, etc.), be these new-age or "old-age."

    This includes any inner symbols, thoughts, words, concepts, etc.

    All of this deconstruction is in a sense, the meaning of "netti, netti" – not this, not that.

    So I've sometimes had to ask myself,

    "So what do I really know or Know after all of these years of spiritual whatever it is I've been trying to do/be?"

    Not much at all.

    Which can be quite disconcerting.

    In the end, the more silent and free of emotion or thoughts/concepts, the closer I probably am to this Knowing which is paradoxically void of being able to "understand" anything.

    And so paradoxically, I kind of come back to hope:

    — Trusting in that undefinable Silent nothing/everything that I can't figure out.


    So even though Knowing is the ultimate "way out", one also has to accept that we are wired with the need in hope/trust as human psychological entities.

    Total transcendence isn't really possible as long as we are experiencing duality with bodies, etc.

    The simplest way to show this is that everything we do every day in mundane terms is based on beliefs too:

    — Doing laundry, filling car with gas, walking street, eating, etc.

    There has to be a belief or perceptual trust that these things are solid enough in purpose to engage in them.

    Otherwise, we'd be catatonic.

    So the "Knowing" has to include a compassionate embrace or acceptance of the seeming experience we are having, not some sterile or intellectual ascetic transcendence.

    In short, "in the world, yet not of it."

    Do I really Know this is true?

    Well, all I can do is trust (hope) that it is.

    Talk about paradox and contradictions :o)

    Though the tiny glimpses of that Silence fuels this hope/trust/belief.

    Hence, not totally paradoxical.

    It all fits together somehow.

  2. With knowing comes trust,

    with trust, there is no doubt,

    without doubt, there is no need for hope or belief,

    for we trust what we know,

    and therefore it is so…

    The power to manifest our desires into tangible reality then becomes what IS.

    Namaste and thank you Gil for your post.

    To Know is to Trust is to BE in action of creating that what which we desire, in love, light and joy always.

  3. Gil,

    Your blog is wonderful and there was a reason why I needed to come back to it today…

    As simple human Be-Ings, it is sometimes necessary for us to return to the simplicity of Hope, so that when responsibilities appear to too difficult for us to shoulder the burden, then Belief is what allows us to realign with our goal and purpose of what it is we are BEING in that particular moment, where Hope is no longer enough to support us,

    and with that Belief, we are able to create the space to Know what truly IS and to persevere towards our highest potential of BEING that Human Being of Love and Light, Trusting that all that is truly as it should be…

    Thank you again for the reminder that all 3 states are necessary at some stage in our lives as we move to the greatest and grandest purpose that we can possibly BE.