How Arianna Huffington is Giving Everyday People a Voice in Politics

It’s interesting to see the power world events have to create community. I saw this with the Olympics, and now I see it with the elections. People engage, converse, and speak their mind. They get to have a voice because other people are willing to listen.

Enter the Firsthand project. Created by Arianna Huffington, the site will allow you to share what’s important to you and how political decisions are affecting your life, your neighbor’s life, or your community. The site will pose relevant questions that get to the heart of real-life issues and concerns and invite people to share their stories through pictures, words, or video clips, creating a mosaic that reflects the true state of communities across the country. They’re launching mobile apps for iPhone and Droid to make contributing easy. You see something, you document it, you share it.

In the quest for bigger and better, the human being sometimes gets overlooked. Listening to powerful voices that take center stage, we sometimes forget we have a voice also. We have something to say. We have something to share. Your opinion is not too small and your story is not irrelevant.

People are listening. What do you have to say?


photo by: notmpres