HOW TO Be Thankful Every Day: Top 5 Gratitude Apps

Make Thanksgiving last all year by practicing gratitude!

In studies conducted by the founder of the positive psychology movement, Dr Martin Seligman, participants who kept gratitude journals every day for a week ranked higher in happiness and lower on stress levels, and many were found to be continuing the practice on their own a year later. These apps can help you turn gratitude into a daily habit.

1) Gratitude!
Gratitude! has been my personal favorite for a long time and is also a big hit among bloggers. It allows you to rate your day from 1 to 5 stars, list several things that you’re grateful for, and then attach a photo if you so desire. When you’re done, you get rewarded with an inspirational quote delivered by a cartoon figure of a blissed out monk that is just too cute!

2) Live Happy
Live Happy may quickly become my new favorite app. Psychology professor and “The How of Happiness” author Sonja Lyubomirsky teamed up with Signal Patterns to offer people a slew of clinically-proven tools for increasing happiness. Far more than just a gratitude journal, Live Happy also facilitates goal setting and tracking, expressing gratitude directly to others via text or email, replaying happy days, keeping a savoring photo album, envisioning your best possible self, nurturing relationships, and remembering acts of kindness.

3) Daily Gift from Deepak Chopra
How could I resist including a little Deepak for the community? This clever app delivers Daily Karma, videos, and inspirational quotes from our favorite spiritual guru each day at a time that you specify.

4) Gratitude Stream
I just discovered Gratitude Stream from Signal Patterns (same folks who developed the Live Happy app). I love this app because not only does it encourage you to record what you’re grateful for on a daily basis, but even better, it allows you to share your positive feelings with the rest of the world. You can follow the worldwide stream of thankful thoughts either via the mobile app or online by searching Twitter for the #LiveHappy hashtag.

5) ThankfulFor
Similar to Gratitude Stream, offers a free online gratitude journal with the option to share your posts with others. They’re still working on iPhone and Android apps, but these should be coming soon. The good news is that you get 500 instead of just 140 characters to express your gratitude on the website. You can also post and follow other user’s tweets by using the #ThankfulFor hashtag.

PHTOO (cc): Flickr / BlueRidgeKitties