How To Get More Energy From Your Body: The Power Of Focus…

 Do you want to know how to get an incredible amount of energy from your body? The secret is in your “focus”.

 Try this 30 second experiment:
Start by focusing on surface of your body. Focus on your arms, legs, chest, neck, back etc. Do your best to “tune in” to the sensations…your clothes touching your skin, the warmth of the sun streaming through a window, etc. 
Now change your focus to the ENERGY inside your body.
(Tip: It might help to visualize a light or a color or to tune in to a warmth, tingling, buzzing or smoothness).
·        Is the energy moving?
·        If so, what direction is it moving? (Is it moving up or down?)
·        Is it expanding?
·        Is it contracting?
·        Are there any obstructions?
·        Is it freely flowing or bottled up?
·        Where is it flowing and where is it bottled up? 
Which statement best describes what you felt
1.      I didn’t feel any energy inside my body.
2.      I only felt areas of blocked or stuck energy.
3.      I felt a combination of blocked and freely moving energy.
4.      I only felt areas of freely moving energy.
Many people have trouble feeling the energy inside their body at first, or if they do feel it, their focus goes directly to where the energy is stuck or blocked.
Energy always flows where your attention goes. So if you always focus on what’s stuck, blocked or restricted, you’re guaranteed to never feel like you have enough energy!
Whether or not you’re aware of it, the energy in your body is doing exactly what you’ve taught it to do out of habit. For most people this means stagnating in some part of them that they now believe is the reason why they can’t get what they want out of life. The feeling of that stuck or blocked energy gets interpreted by their brain as an object or “thing” and then…
The energy that’s not moving becomes…an “IT” in their consciousness!
Most people spend their lives focusing on what’s not working, what’s stuck or blocked, then they gripe about how they would do this or that if they “only had the energy”, or if only “IT “ wasn’t hurting them so much.
They point to the body part that is supposedly causing their problems and they blame IT. Or better yet they go to a doctor who gives it a fancy Latin name and raises IT to an even more significant status- a diagnosis!  So now IT is a really big deal! 
Here’s a tip: You’ll never, ever…get more energy from your body by focusing on and trying to change a part that is stuck or in pain
Instead of trying to change it or ignore it, you must become fully aware of, accept and acknowledge the area that feels stuck, blocked or in pain. But then what? Get focusing on what’s working, what’s flowing, what’s expanding…and ask yourself, “How can I create more of this?”
The result: You’ll have more energy.
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Dr. John


  1. Thanks this is interesting. Another way to get out of stuckness is to concentrate the external issues and ones you resolve them your energy starts flowing freely again you feely energised! But if you let it leave long enough then IT sure will become a diagnosis !!

  2. Great positive energised article, we want more! Thank you and also for the helpful comments. Have a wonderful Easter, Catherine