How Healthy Is Your Energetic Bank Account?

Yeah!Practicing yoga is like making a deposit into an energetic investment account. Every little bit helps, and it will grow exponentially depending on the commitment made to build up the reserve. Just as the account can be piddled away through mindless spending, your precious energy can be depleted through mindless living.

We save things to be used for a rainy day, or a thunderous year. Money, food, clothes, breath, your physical and energetic self…all these things are looked after, used and then replenished through conscious living.

Your energetic bank account is of the most precious areas in life to nurture and let thrive. To build up a reserve is to commit to something wholeheartedly. The commitment could be to your yoga, meditation or prayer practice. The commitment could be to live a truthful life in all the many facets that make up you as an integrated part of society. The commitment could be to walk grounded, lead others to beauty or live purely for this moment. The commitment is in the choice, and the energetic reserve gets deeper and more stout with each action, thought, and speech that supports this choice.

As you let this soak in, know there are things that not only add to this energetic account but also those that deplete it. An energy leak could be anything from biting back your truth, a relationship that sucks the life out of you one sip at a time, or even toxins physically ingested through mindless consumption. Just as the commitment to fully live is a choice, so is the desire to slow the leaks, or even stop them. You choose, and then you make change.

Who cares if you have a healthy energetic nest-egg? I want you to. I want myself to. There will be a time when you need every cent of that reserve. There will be a time when your life’s work of getting strong, wise, and grounded will be pulled out from under you. There will be a time when you will be so incredibly thankful that you put in the effort. Through that effort you will have amassed love, compassion, clarity, vitality, and an understanding of your part in this vast place we call home. There will be a time when you will need all you’ve got.

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photos by: R'eyes & Andres Rueda