How I Met Steven Spielberg… Your Excuses Get You Nowhere. Commitment is Key!

Your excuses get you nowhere.

They just keep you where you already are.

We tend to make so many excuses for why we don’t follow our dreams and visions.  Most of them seem quite legitimate and reasonable. But if you want to fulfill your dream, you have to be a little unreasonable.

If you listen to your mind’s made up excuses, it will keep you paralyzed and procrastinating forever.

If you listen to those naysayers, it will cost you your dreams and waste your precious time.

So, what excuses are you making for not pursuing your dream?

I don’t have enough time.

I don’t know how.

I don’t have the right connections.

I don’t have enough money.

I have to many real responsibilities to take care of.

I understand you have responsibilities in life. A mortgage. A job. Children. All well and great. Just make sure you don’t allow them to stop you from following your real heart’s vision. Sometimes due to our fear of stepping into our greatness, or next level we will unconsciously create structures in our life to be responsible for as a way to stay busy or to self sabotage our ability to move forward with our dream. All this does is keep you trapped doing what you think you need to do to survive, rather than following your dream. It’s a sneaky trap.

No matter what you may have going on in your life, you also have a deep responsibility to the vision that you were given. When you are unwilling to compromise this and take action, the universe will rise to meet you with the same resolve.

The universe is already committed. It birthed you here into this world. And look at all it does each day. Are you willing to commit at that same level to your creative endeavor?

The fulfillment of your dream is not simply a matter of resources. But about your resourcefulness. How resourceful are you willing to be? How committed are you to your vision?

There is always a way. Always. Perhaps not the way you have always been doing it. But the way it’s seeking to happen for your highest good, which may not be the way you thought. So get yourself out the way so the way it’s meant to be can unfold.

The obstacles you might face along the way are simply opportunities to expand yourself, innovate and tap into other dimensions of your creative power that has yet to be expressed.

The fulfillment of the dream you have cannot be fulfilled by being the same person you have always been. It will require you shed the limitations of your previous self so that you stand in the greatness that your dream is demanding of you now.

Living an extraordinary life is not for wimps or excuse makers. It requires that you be bold and accountable. It’s not about  winning or losing. It’s about playing full out and giving everything you have to each moment, leaving nothing left on the table. So, lick the plate of your life clean.

The road less travelled may seem scary at first. But if what you want to do hasn’t been done then neither are it’s limitations known either.

Anyone can be a visionary when the lights are on. But how about when the path is dark. The real vision is to be able to see the light of your hearts vision even when all around you seems dark. You might have no road map for where your dream is taking you. But this is the time to trust your ‘Souls GPS’ to navigate you home. It’s your vision that will bring light to the path you are to travel.

So, what actions can you take each day consistently towards your dream?

Just one.

Each day.


You can believe in the insanity of your excuses. Or you can choose to believe the power of your dreams.

Your dreams are the way in which the Divine seeks to dance in physical form through you.

The universe will respond to you at the level of your commitment.

Your excuses will get you nowhere.

Your commitment is key.


For real.



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photo by: rvthomas67