Meditate with Deepak Chopra to Find Love!

Erg Chebbi, Morocco, 12:35No one could say it better than John Lennon: “All you need is love.”

Love is what we strive and search for, the treasure we place above almost any other goal. Much to our confusion, there are also a million tips and tricks out there that will supposedly bring love into our lives, and yet many of these fall short of their promises. What if, on the other hand, we stopped trying to find love, and instead started living wholly and mindfully? This is where meditation comes in.

If your intention is to draw love into your life, then it might be equally accurate to say you want to experience wholeness, happiness, fulfillment, and confidence. Don’t a happy life and a happy self make for a happy relationship, after all?

Start a mindfulness practice that will promote these aims, and, in particular, let meditation be your guiding tool. Join Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey in a 21-Day Meditation Challenge. This course will be a 3-week meditation journey to the heart of true love… Discover the wonder that exists within and then watch all of your relationships unfold effortlessly, easily, and miraculously.

To get your meditative juices flowing, start with this lushly calming guided meditation with Deepak Chopra:

Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge makes meditation easy, fun, and inspiring, offering daily guided audio meditations via an online, interactive program. The all-new “Miraculous Relationships” challenge begins on August 5 with Deepak and Oprah guiding the 3-week experience. Participants will meditate and journal each day as they learn to embrace their true essence, expand their understanding of divine relationships, and experience an unparalleled connection to their world around. Participants can easily access the daily audio anytime, anywhere from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Visit The Chopra Center website to sign up and participate for free!