How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life – Live Hangout with Mallika Chopra!

Salutation Nation - 124What is mindfulness and how do we incorporate it into our lives? Being “mindful” can mean different things to different people. Some practice yoga, others pray, others contemplate nature or do community service. Regardless of the medium, though, mindfulness is a mode of awareness that can give foundation to all the work we do, and to every moment of our lives.

Today kicks off Mindfulness Week in Google+’s #SummerRefresh campaign series, and we begin with a panel discussion on mindfulness, lead by Mallika Chopra. Join Mallika and a knowledgeable panel of experts as they look at the role of intention and other mindfulness practices in living a more meaningful and healthy life. The discussion will help answer questions about how to turn goals and aspirations into reality; understanding the difference between an intention and a goal; and the relationship between intention and other practices that lead to mindfulness such as meditation, prayer, service, and yoga.

Join us right here, where the Hangout will be live-streamed on Monday August 19th at 2PM Eastern (11AM Pacific)!

What mindfulness techniques do you practice? Let us know in the comments section!

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