How Much Time Do You Have? Buddha Answers

photo by Lisa Maria at Flickr.comHow often do you check the time? Are you waiting for something to happen? Are you bored, afraid of being late, habitually attached to the day passing by? What is driving your impulse to get it all done, or is it a new age digital addiction… hmmm.

The theory that time is on your side and you have all the time in the world is a myth. In the time-space continuum time is relative. Yet we measure the concept of time  by the earth’s orbital relationship to the sun. Morning, noon, and night are different aspects of time, and the structure, the choice of how to spend our hours, days are influenced by our basic needs to collaborate as a society. To work together to supply survival first and then to manufacture consumptive needs, perpetuating a valueless, materialistic, greed machine. This system breeds  have’s and have nots. It is a time-warp prison environment, where we behave like ants, herded, automated to serve the queendom, with no respect or sense of individuality.

No escape from this time-capsule that we inhabit, even though human lifespan has expanded to 80 years in the past fifty years. With the lack of sustainability as a primary goal, we are actually creating debilitating diseases like diabetes in children, indicating that  future generations could see a decline in life expectancy. And it does beg the question, “How much time do you have?”

Contemplate the notion of  time...

  • May you envision what counts to you in this life?
  • And, if you had only a year to live…what would you do differently?
  • What value would you place on your life?
  • Would you turn inward to the timeless zone of being-ness, connecting to infinite frequency, the resonance of oneness that exists in each of us?
  • Would you then understand Buddha’s wisdom for man’s dilemma…”The problem is you think you have time.”

* * *

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