How One Man Went From Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead to the Epitome of Health

As someone who believes in the connection between food and disease, I am so excited that a film like Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead attempts to show the masses how a healthy diet can cure an illness. It’s a must see movie!!!

Suffering from a rare autoimmune disease disorder, Joe Cross, was tired of taking prescription pills and feeling miserable. Looking at himself in the mirror, his 300+ pound image looked back at him and he longed to be healthy again. Knowing if he kept eating junk food and taking these pills, he was on his way to an early death. Armed with a generator, a juicer, his car, and a desire for a better life, Joe takes an oath to only juice fruits and vegetables for the next 60 days. Unsure if this experiment will work or not, Joe is desperate to feel better.

Traveling cross-country from New York to California, Joe set off on a journey to juice, talk to people about juicing and the negative effects of junk and fast foods on the body. Out of the 500 people that he met, many would try his juice but only two agreed to actual participate in a juice fast.  At an unlikely place, Joe meets one of these people, a truck driver, Phil Staples, who also suffers from the same rare autoimmune disease. Phil, like Joe, is overweight, topping the scales at 400+ pounds. Joe encourages Phil to try the juice fast, demonstrating to Phil that with the right foods, Phil can stop suffering, lose weight and get off his medications. What emerges is an inspiring story about how much control we have over our bodies, if we just feed ourselves properly and how one man’s journey ended up saving Phil’s life and countless others.

A friend of mine (taking the juice challenge) couldn’t get up before 9:30am, had aches and pains all day and overall felt horrible. After juicing for a month for breakfast, he wakes up at 6:30am, his complexion has cleared and he’s even starting to lose weight and exercise again. I can’t stress enough the correlation between eating healthy and feeling good. After a week in another city on a business trip, I’ve been unable to juice or find particularly healthy food alternatives and I feel it. My body is sluggish, my mind is not as sharp as it usually is and my body aches. I cannot wait to get home, juice and reap the benefits of eating healthy. I firmly believe eating healthy is even more beneficial than working out. I encourage all of you to watch this movie and share it with those you love. It will change your life and those around you, for the better.

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