How To Reduce Your Pain Body (An Illustrated Guide)







  1. Very interesting. Perfect timing, too.

    I love the very last thing the "pain body" says. And the tone in which it says it.

    Thank you!:)

  2. (((`it grows & flutters & needs endless feeding…a hungry ghost dancing between my worlds`…ajahn sucitto)))…love it yumi!

  3. ♥ Why am I thinking of classic B horror movies?? This is great! ♥ And maybe you have a future in film, too!!! ♥ Love, Julie

  4. Great as usual! I mentioned the painbody yesterday to daydream. Did you read that or did you tap into our collective conscience? 🙂 goosebumps!!

  5. Thank you so much Yumi! Yet another gentle and poignant reminder of how often I forget my painbody is at work — guess I'm more visual than I thought!

  6. Merci Yumi ! Delightful silent witness to pain-body illustration !!

    Also embraced IT via cOMpass♥I♥On = sometimes saying this Ho'oponopono inspired mantra:

    "♥ Namaste Beloved One ♥ Mea Culpa ♥ Pardóname ♥ MO GRA TU ♥ Shukran ♥ HamSa ♥" !!!

    So, as "To I’Mage♥in♥All ☮ InJoy WorldWide ForEverMore !!!!"…

  7. Yumi, your art is so powerful and authentic that I, too, visualize your art in many aspects of my daily life. Thanks!