How to Boost Your Metabolism for Amazing Health

2012 Edmonton ITU Triathlon World cup: Elite WomenThe process of metabolism is a powerful and greatly misunderstood force in our bodies. Case in point, did you know the more weight you carry, the faster your metabolism is working? Other factors that affect metabolism include age, sex, muscle mass, and, unfortunately, heredity.

Metabolism is the process by which sugar, protein, and fat are converted into energy. It is a network of hormones and enzymes not only converting food into fuel, but also affecting how efficiently your bodies burns that fuel. Even at resting state, your body is working to produce and store energy through anabolism and release energy through catabolism.

Because of these factors, it’s fairly difficult to completely overhaul your metabolism. But the good news is that there are several effective things you can do to influence it. This isn’t just a matter of losing weight, but rather of training your body to efficiently produce and release energy, maximize the nutrition in your food, and feel strong as you move through life.

Here are 5 articles to help you get the best metabolism possible for your body:

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In addition, here are some of the best foods to start incorporating into your diet to kick start your metabolism:

  1. Oatmeal and other foods with high fat-soluble fiber
  2. Hot peppers and other spicy foods containing capsaicin
  3. Yogurt (minus the added sugars) and other foods rich in calcium and protein
  4. Fish and other good sources of lean protein

And there are lots more, so do some research and see what delicious, metabolism-boosting recipes you can come up with!

We hope these tips prove to be efficient and fun methods for increasing your metabolism. Remember, your genetics play a big role in this, as do age and sex. But by eating a healthy, well-rounded diet, building muscle, and getting plenty of sleep you are bound to start feeling healthy and happy in no time!

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