How to Capture the Power of Intention… on Camera!

Meet Bristol Baughan, the amazing producer and force behind The Chopra Well’s new show, 30 DAYS OF INTENT. With the show launching tomorrow, we wanted to give Bristol a chance to share her thoughts, reflections, and intentions for the show.

Who are you and what did you have to do with this show?

Haha. The “Who are you?” question is a theme in this show…it is a pretty funny question especially when Deepak asks you a bunch of times in a row. I am the Supervising Producer and Director of 30 DAYS OF INTENT. My background is in documentary film and creating content that moves people to engage with the world is what I love to do. Check out my bio here if you are interested!

I have also spent the last four years traveling around the world learning from a bunch of awesome spiritual teachers from Tibetan Monks to Tantric Yoga teachers. While working on 30 DAYS OF INTENT I was also finishing a master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology. (You can see what that is in episodes 11 and 12.) It was such a thrill to get an email from Mallika Chopra, who was developing a show inspired by her social networking site, for her family’s new YouTube channel.

What would you say is the show’s driving motivation?

The thesis of this show is to follow two people and awesome guests as they learn how to set a powerful intention, something that has deep meaning for them, and then work through anything standing in their way. For example, this past year I set an intention to write and perform a one-woman show, something that really scared the crap out of me. I had to work through each layer of resistance – be it fear, worthiness, doubt, or procrastination – that stood in my way. It was intense! I learned tools along the way that helped me to get out of my comfort zone and figure out what beliefs and conditioning kept me from doing exactly what I wanted. Once I set that intention there was no going back.

That is the really crazy thing about setting an intention, whether it takes a month or a lifetime, a dream or a wish said aloud seems to direct the universe.

What went into casting for the show?

We needed to find people that were willing to take a few weeks from their lives to dive into this experience and also people who were open to sharing their personal lives with the world. It was important that we found people that were dealing with real issues but not working with actual trauma, given the rigor of what we lovingly called a “spiritual boot camp”.

Why Natalie?

I thought of Natalie immediately when we started casting. Natalie Spilger is a badass entrepreneur and former pro soccer player, but above all Natalie is brutally honest and incredibly funny. I felt Natalie could bring a sharp wit, analytical mind, and an unpredictable sense of humor to whatever healer or experience we put in front of her. It takes an enormous amount of bravery to look into yourself and the way you are in the world and to take responsibility for that. It takes a completely nuts sense of courage to do all that on camera and put it up on the Internet. Although there was one moment where she was definitely ready to get out of dodge, Natalie stuck it out and had some pretty wild experiences along the way.

Why Iman?

Our team here at the Chopra Well had a list of compelling YouTube talent that might be a fit for our show, and we interviewed Iman Crosson (aka Alphacat) originally to be a guest, not one of our main participants. He was super excited about the concept for the show and we really enjoyed his humor and honesty. It wasn’t until later that he sent me an email pouring his heart out about his recent breakup and how he had been battling with depression and seeking ways to heal that I realized he would be a perfect fit for the show. He wore his heart on his sleeve and seemed passionate about finding ways to heal and learn.

Tell us a bit more about the experts and the various wellness practices Natalie and Iman encounter.

The goal was to find a group of thoughtful mind, body and spirit experts who could add real value and tools to Natalie and Iman and everyone watching. What I love about this show is that it incorporates a variety of healing methods; some more out there than others, and it is really up to Natalie, Iman and the audience to decide who and what they connect to.

The show launches tomorrow! Can you give us a sneak peak of what to look forward to for episode one?

Deepak Chopra in person is definitely not what you expect. I first met Deepak during this episode, alongside Natalie and Iman. They had no idea they were about to meet one of the most prolific spiritual writers in the world! Natalie and Iman both spent some quality one-on-one time with Deepak discussing big questions like, “Who are you? What is your purpose?”

What we didn’t know was how funny he would be! Deepak even says himself, “I’ll do anything to get attention.” In one moment he can be the wisest sage and the next a total kid. Like many great teachers I have encountered, Deepak has a playfulness about him that is endearing and lovable. However, he is a busy man and would much rather be meditating than “shooting,” so I learned to keep things moving! Oh, the irony!

What was the intention behind the episode one?

The intention of this first episode was for Natalie and Iman to work with Mallika and learn what an “intent” is and how to set a clear one. It is remarkable how difficult it is to articulate what you want sometimes. It starts with a meandering wander of a thought, and Mallika helped them really clarify what it is they desire. The more specific and clear the intention, we learned, the more likely it is that the universe will conspire to help you. It seems to me that intention setting is one way to have your heart tell your mind what it wants so the mind can understand it and make it so. It is truly fascinating to see how Natalie and Iman’s intentions clarify and deepen in meaning over the course of 30 DAYS. Click here and here to support Natalie and Iman’s intent!

We hope you enjoy the show! Let us know what you think in the comments section below the episodes!

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