How To Create Your Own Good Luck

Do you generally have good luck or bad? According to the intriguing studies of Dr. Richard Wiseman, PhD, lucky people aren’t smarter, better connected or prettier than unlucky people. They’ve just developed certain habits — without even realizing it — that make them luckier.

Take this quiz and find out if you’ve got lucky habits:

1. Do you often talk with strangers when you’re standing in line at the store or at an event?

Lucky people are more likely to put themselves in situations where they’ll meet people. And the more people you know, the more likely a wonderful opportunity will find you. That’s because many opportunities in your life come through others. What can you do to meet new people?

2. Do you have a relaxed attitude toward your life?  

Lucky people aren’t big worriers. Studies show that when you’re living in your head or thinking about what could go wrong in your life, you’re less likely to notice the lucky coincidences, breaks or opportunities that are around you. Are you a worrier? If so, look for practical ways to reduce your anxieties.

3. Are you open to trying new things?

Lucky people are more likely to be open to new experiences than are unlucky people. They say “yes” more often to different situations or invitations, and that provides them with more chances to make lucky things happen. How can you say “yes” today?

4. Do you listen to your intuition?

How many times have you failed to listen to that little voice in your head or that gut feeling–whether in love or in business–and lived to regret it? Lucky people don’t do that. If they’ve got a hunch, they stop and consider it. Are you listening to your intuition?

5. Do you usually expect good things to happen in your future?

Unlucky people expect their bad luck will continue, but lucky people assume the future will be good, even if things aren’t so good right now. How do you see your future?

Psychologists are finding that good luck doesn’t just belong to certain people. It belongs to everyone. So start practicing these 5 good luck habits, and see what happens in your life.