How to Maintain A Healthy Diet on Vacation


Vacation time is often an excuse to let healthy lifestyle habits relax a bit, if not go completely out the window. We let ourselves indulge, try new things, and get off a steady routine. And our healthy habits tend to suffer as a result. Many experts will tell you that the occasional indulgence can be quite good for your health – a sweet treat every now and then, a day sans exercise, etc. But getting too far off track from your routine can also create imbalance and lead to health and self-esteem issues.

What can we do, then, to maintain healthy habits – particularly healthy eating habits – while we are on vacation? Two quick essential tips: plan ahead and keep moving. If you have a backpack full of fruit, trail mix, and cut veggies, you won’t be so dependent on those taco trucks or crepe stands on every corner. And if you have a hankering for a croissant but arrange your day so that you’re walking two hours through the streets of Paris to get to that little patisserie, the indulgence will seem all the more rare and special.

Here’s a roundup that will be your go-to guide for healthy eating on the road:

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So remember: be prepared, keep moving, get creative, and don’t beat yourself up if and when you stray from the healthy routine. More important than maintaining a rigid diet plan is to act with intention and be confident in the decisions you make.

Are you traveling this summer? What tips do you have for maintaining healthy habits on the road?

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