How to Makeover Your Midsection for the Summer

5373fa24759be401_shutterstock_2820944It’s amazing to me how at this time of year (Spring) so much of the health and fitness media is talking about ripped abs, tight tummies and bikini-worthy bellies. Summer is coming and the #1 body area that women want to change most is the midsection. I am constantly bombarded with questions about achieving a nice midsection. So I created this month’s Midsection Makeover (similar to the 30 days of lunges challenge last year). This fitness challenge incorporates some of the tips (secrets) that I know that lead to leaner tummies. I hope you’ll join me. This year you’ll actually be excited to go bathing suit shopping!

The 3 main components to my Midsection Makeover are:

  1. Diet
  2. Cardio
  3. Targeted Exercise

Diet is an enormous part of the equation. Most people think that ab exercises and crunches will change their midsection, but honestly? Exercising your healthy diet habits will do more for your belly. This is one of the biggest kept secrets in my industry.

It’s important to do 150 minutes each week of cardio. You will get the best results if you make sure your heart rate during cardio is approximately 75-80% of your theoretical maximum heart rate. I always wear a heart rate monitor to ensure that I am in my heart rate range – not below or above it. If you don’t want to get too technical, just make sure that you are warm, a little sweaty, breathing heavier than when walking briskly and feel like you’re actually doing something. Get those feet movin!

I’ll be posting brief videos throughout the month to show you my favorite ab exercises that will help in our overall goal. Here is this week’s Targeted Exercise “All 4’s Crunch”

To get the most benefit from this month’s challenge, I incorporated my newest exercise DVD “Slim Sexy Strong”. Strength training is so important in creating real change in your body. In my video I bring you some never before seen exercises that I created in my “workshop”. My abs and core were so sore during the weeks that I was creating and testing out the workouts in my DVD! I know first hand that they are effective. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Slim Sexy Strong here:

Over 200 people have already joined me. Follow along on my Holly Perkins Fitness page and share your questions, comments and thoughts. I’d love to hear from you!

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Support Holly’s intent and adopt it as your own.

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