Fast Track To Enlightenment: How To Meditate In The Nude


Meditating in the nude is a spiritually liberating experience that will take your yoga or meditation practice to the next level. In India, this practice has long been kept secret and was reserved only for the Brahmans. Sages consider naked meditation the fastest path to enlightenment, and this simple practice wil leave you feeling more connected to the world and to the Divine.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips to get you started:

1. Find a (very) private space.

You should have a private area for your first experience with nude meditation so you feel safe and undisturbed. Be sure to lock the doors, close the blinds, and seal off the air vents — you don’t want any peeping toms looking in on you!

2. Strip!

It may feel a little strange to disrobe and seat yourself for meditation, but think of your clothes like layers of ego that shroud your Divine light. With each article of clothing that you remove, feel yourself get lighter and brighter, a more fully embodied version of your highest self.

3. Sit down on your bare behind with your back straight.

It’s important to sit on a pristine earthly surface when meditating in the nude, as you will absorb the energetic vibration of the ground beneath you. Do not sit on a meditation cushion or mat. Connect deeply to the earth.

Good posture is important in all forms of meditation, but especially when you’re naked. You want to be able to feel the ether flowing across your skin, bathing your body in the divine’s abiding grace. If your back becomes tired, too bad — no props allowed! You must learn to sit tall and channel the divine serpent that lies dormant at the base of the spine.

4. Focus on your breathing.

Take deep, slow and steady breaths in and out, concentrating on the air moving in and out your nose. Imagine the oxygen molecules as shiny globules of golden light flowing through ever pore of your body. This meditation will actually awaken the pigment molecules in your skin so you no longer need to go to tanning salons to look bright and beautiful.

5. Connect with your highest Self.

As you sit in the nude, cultivate an honest, open, and loving attitude within. Let go of your ego and remember that you are the most beautiful being to walk the planet since Jesus himself. To love yourself is to be one with the divine. The expanded consciousness you cultivate in nude meditation will liberate you from shallow thoughts of the material world and tap you in to the transcendent.


Behold, the power of nudity.







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