How to Understand the Universe


How can we understand the universe and our role in it?

Think of it this way: Imagine an apple tree. The apples are all different, but they are also similar in basic ways – a bit like us.

But you couldn’t have an apple without the twig it grew on, without the leaves and branches, without the trunk and the root system. And even with all those things you need the earth, which is just part of whichever continent you happen to be on, but is part of the planet. Those apples may all look different, but they are, like us, just the most recent expression of the creative power that runs the universe.

That is who you are. That is who we all are, and we’re all connected to everything and everyone else.

And remember this: each apple is a seedpod for the next generation. Just like us.
Our job is to grow and become the best seedpod we can be, in whatever way we feel is authentic.